WEB programming

The concept of web design differs consistently from that of web programming by individualizing two distinct areas of the experience of elaborating a business identity in the online environment. The notion of web design draws attention to the “front-end” elements that are related, in a simplified view, to the aesthetics-appearance of a website. Web programming refers to “back-end” details that aim to:

  • 1. The functionality of the site, the way in which the customized web application and the databases communicate with each other in order to offer web visitors a user experience at optimal standards.
  • 2. Tracking and interpreting the activity and behavior of web visitors, generating more sales opportunities and providing your employees with more powerful tools to meet the expectations of the online audience.
  • 3. Real-time monitoring of the site and sales. The integration of a customized Web 2.0 interface that enhances the overcoming of comfort thresholds, essential for improving the web visitor experience. The ultimate goal remains to identify the real leads for generating sales and motivating potential customers.

The web applications offered represent any kind of script or program written in web programming languages, which, integrated in the site, have the capacity to increase the value and utility of your business.

Our programming services cover functionalities that are based on basic notions in the field of PHP, MySql, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, Flash, including other specific languages and applications, necessary for the development and administration of a cursive web-site.

Identifying the ideal solutions for developing successful email marketing campaigns is a process that is constantly evolving. New alternatives appear consistently and the adaptation to the latest generation standards becomes necessary to achieve the objectives of the business you own.

Our team has the necessary experience to recommend and implement tools adapted to the company and the specific conditions that individualize each email marketing campaign.

We can create design and content based on the indicated requirements. We offer specialized consulting for streamlining the targeted information flow for specific customer groups. We offer this service on a contract basis, being available for corporate clients.

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