Search engine optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization: “Search engine optimization”) is a process of improving (favoring) the visibility of a website’s pages in the results provided by a search engine.

SEO is a subcategory of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) online marketing and represents the totality of techniques by which a website is brought to a form through which it is propelled in the list of results given by a search engine for various keywords. The optimization of a website is done both on-site (on the respective site) and off-site (on other sites).

We offer a wide range of professional site optimization services at affordable prices for both large and small companies.

On-site optimization of the source code

  • The right choice of titles
  • Balanced structured links
  • Correction of meta tags
  • Valid and optimized html content
  • Sitemap
  • Tags h1, h2, h3, tags strong, em, p etc
  • Correction of dead links
  • Correct description of images
  • Generate SEO links
  • W3C validation of HTML and CSS code
  • Choosing keywords
  • Use keywords with adequate density
  • Create subdomains for important keywords
  • Creating a dedicated backlinks page

Off-site optimization

  • Search engine registration
  • Registration in web directories
  • Positioning backlinks on specialized sites / Pagerank 1+
  • Promotion on external sites
  • Creation of a monthly article package with keyword optimization
  • Posting articles in specialized sites
  • Register articles in network sites
  • Making comments on your own site or third party sites
  • Monitoring visitors / views in the administration system

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