About Us

About us

Our IT services converge business and technology experts to help manage business processes in all categories.

The “IT Hardware” project was initiated in March 2008 by a team of IT professionals from Iasi with a vast professional experience, from the desire to offer customers access to the latest hardware and software technologies in the enterprise area. By using new generation hardware solutions, the development of robust platforms was followed to ensure the necessary speed, storage, centralized management as well as parameters such as protection against variation or voltage drop, backup, disaster recovery. We used open source software to reduce licensing costs, without influencing the quality of the final solution. The topology of these solutions varies depending on the size and needs of the company.

  • Readiness
  • Flexible price
  • 24/7 Support
  • Professionalism and sense of responsibility
  • Quality assurance

We offer consulting services for planning IT acquisitions (hardware and software) in accordance with the needs and the allocated budget.

We provide technical and logistical support for the design, implementation and maintenance of these solutions. We implement remote control monitoring and maintenance solutions.

The IT Hardware team offers you the most varied offer of IT&C services of the latest generation, generating successful strategies able to cover the corporate exigencies.

By treating things with professionalism and a sense of responsibility, we guarantee both the quality of our services and the promptness of optimal answers for the implementation of the best IT solutions.

15 years of

Experience in IT Business

Benefit from the latest generation technologies!

The mission of IT Hardware is to contribute to the evolution of the world in better helping companies to develop through complete solutions, customized according to the specifics of the business.


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