The meanings of a fluent process of outsourcing IT services

The IT outsourcing process is the one through which an IT company is contracted to manage computers or the entire IT infrastructure.

The benefits of IT outsourcing services

Depending on the organization, the most significant benefits are the following:

  • Cost optimization

By hiring a company to cover the role of the IT department, the administration costs can be reduced by up to 70%.

  • Permanent availability of the IT team

“IT Hardware” Project provides telephone, online assistance and physical intervention in Iasi, in case of technical incidents, for 24 hours / day, 365 days / year.

  • The high level of “Know-how” of the outsourced IT department

Possibility to contact well-trained technicians, with a rich experience in the IT field and in the administration of computer networks.

  • Guarantee of prompt and effective solutions – The “IT Hardware” Project team identifies the right solutions to definitively and quickly resolve the reported technical incident and guarantees the efficiency of the IT outsourcing solutions.
  • Strict monitoring of interventions within the IT infrastructure

The technical incidents reported by the customer are monitored through the ticketing system. The customer can view his technical reports at any time.