IT Consulting

Even if you do not already have a subscription maintenance, “IT Hardware” Project will be available with answers to any question about IT and more.

Generic IT Consulting

We recommend hardware and software solutions best suited according to your company’s specific IT needs.
Some examples of the projects that we are sure that we can help:

  • You are about to start a company and you need IT consultants for the purchase of computers, servers and software. Relationships of “IT Hardware” Project lengthy IT partners guarantees affordable costs.
  • You’ve just opened a new office and must choose between structured cabling and wireless network;
  • Need advice punctual linked to a problem arising from one of the computers or servers;
  • Need specialized IT consultancy for setting up a server on Linux or Windows server to complete internal IT services.

Consulting in acquisitions

We want to retain objectivity in recommending hardware and software solutions to choose the best solution for our clients at the time.

For this reason, “IT Hardware” Project chooses to not sell IT products.

Following your own decisions or our recommendation, you want to buy equipment or a license. We take care of everything, less than financial intermediation of the transaction:

  • Market study and analyze your needs ;
  • Offer and ask if you meet the requirements, we send you with our recommendations unaltered;
  • When taking the decision to purchase, ask and make sure that the invoice payment and delivery were made on time;

Post-sale service we handle by sending the possible defective product and its pursuit to return to your office.

Other areas of IT consulting:

  • Implementing or supervising ERP, CRM;
  • Project management and IT consulting for structural funds;
  • Minimizing company costs and increasing productivity:
  1. Eliminating costs with software licenses by using Open Source (free) Linux instead of Windows, OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office etc. For any application proprietary alternatives already exist Open Source. “IT Hardware” Project test this software and will recommend the best solution for your needs;
  2. Increase productivity by tracking data traffic in the company, blocking access to social networking sites, instant messaging applications to (Yahoo Messenger, Skype);
  3. Cost savings on telephony and Internet subscription;
  4. Management of licenses and IT equipment inventory. The portfolio that we designed for each client includes customized solutions designed to provide IT consulting services tailored to the company structure.

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