Hardware si Software

IT Services (Hardware and Software)
Price Euro
Diagnostic equipment10
Cleaning laptop (replacement thermal compound)15
Cleaning system (replacement thermal compound)12
Workmanship Processor / Motherboards replacement (thermally conductive paste)10
Workmanship other parts replacement5
Workmanship Electronic Repair per hour 15
Troubleshooting / Repair GPS and  Mobile phones per hour15
Data Recovery (partition / deleted files per 1Gb)15
Hard Drive Data Recovery defect (per 1Gb)30
Configure network active components (Router, AP, SW)15
Install operating system, drivers and updates up to date 25
Install applications and software dedicated (per application)5
Remove Viruses/Cleaners/Optimization system (per hour)10
Design / Installation / configuration / maintenance data / voice networks,audio / video surveillance systems and web design per hour15
Consulting / installation / configuration / maintenance windows and linux dedicated servers per hour (File and Print server, FTP / FTPS, DNS, HTTP / HTTPS, Mail, SQL / MySQL / Posgresql, POP3 / POP3S / IMAP  / IMAPS, DOMAIN, Active directory, Terminal Services / SSH, VPN, Deployment, Backup, Storage / NAS, Centralized AntiSpam /  AntiVirus , WSUS, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM, ERP)

Prices are expressed in EURO. For long-term contracts we offer discounts.

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