Email campaigns

If you are interested in achieving an advertising campaign using email marketing to an national or international level, but you dont want to direct it or you do not have the necessary infrastructure, we are your solution.

We can design and create content based on your requirements and send large volumes of mail in a short period of time. We offer this service contract which is available for corporate customers.

Email marketing is a form of online advertising that allows greater coverage of the market of potential consumers of products and services.

1. First allow large volumes of customer information with global coverage.

2. The second key factor is the speed with which the potential customer is informed, the email is delivered to its inbox in minutes.

3. The third factor is the low cost for the advertisement to reach the potential customer as compared to other traditional methods: leaflet, flayer, radio, television, print media.

4. The fourth factor is creating a brand and keeping in touch with current and potential customers.

We offer professional email marketing high-speed dedicated servers at competitive prices.

We charge a setup fee of 25 Euro to open an account.
This fee includes setting newsletter.your domain host (shape or form) subdomain. It also includes installing and configuring an PHP list application and email account to send or bounce messages.

If you want a professional to design your campaign in html we can offer this service at a price of 100 Euro.

Prices for email marketing service depend on the volume of emails sent. The calculation basis for 50,000 emails sent starts at 100 Euro .

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